Links to Selected Rose Societies Around the World
and other Essential Information

The Rose Nursery & Plant Centre (UK)
Following a business expansion project Hill Park Roses of Surbiton have recently been renamed The Rose Nursery. The new Rose Nursery & Plant Centre can now offer an even greater choice of rose varieties together with a large range of other plants and shrubs.

The World Federation Of Rose Societies
We are an association of the national Rose Societies of 36 countries and your gateway to information about the Rose around the world.

The Royal National Rose Society
The Royal National Rose Society is the world's oldest (founded in 1876) specialist plant society with a flourishing world wide membership. Our aim is to encourage, improve and extend the science, art and practice of rose growing.  You can join the RNRS online or by calling their new membership HOTLINE number on 01767 310881

American Rose Society
Our members encompass all levels of experience and are committed to promoting the Rose in all its diversity. The society and its members strive to provide educational services to encourage the greater use of our national flower in private and public gardens throughout our country. This web site and those of our affiliate local societies provide a wealth of technical literature and inspirational photography of roses and gardens we hope you will find most useful.

Rose Society of Northern Ireland
Dedicated to education of the public in conservation and cultivation of the rose.

The Canadian Rose Society
A Non-Profit Organization dedicated to furthering the study of Roses and to promoting their cultivation throughout Canada.

The National Rose Society of New Zealand
We hope you enjoy discovering both our website and the National Rose Society of New Zealand.  We aim to share our love of roses with you, to help you in your quest to grow wonderful healthy roses and to promote the growing of roses all over the country.